Bremer Canyon Killer Whale Expedition

Orca (Killer Whales) Albany Bremer Bay Western Australian Whale Watching

Duration: 8 Hours (approx.)
Location: Bremer Bay, Western Australia
Product code: PXFDTJ

From $385

The Bremer Bay Killer Whale Expeditions run from 6th January to 25th April. It is a full day expedition experience where you will visit one of the least explored places on earth and indisputably the only place in Australia that you will reliably encounter these Apex creatures, the Orca, (Killer Whale).

Arrival at 7.45am at the Bremer Bay Boat Harbour, vessel departure at 8.30am and return at approximately 4.30pm from early January to late April.

(Don’t be late, the boat can’t wait.)

Price Adults: $385 Children: 10-17 years $300
*Bus and Expedition Package (Albany departure and return): $505
* Minimum age for children is 10 years. Please see our FAQ page for more information about bringing children on the expedition

Included is a delicious morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea for you with unlimited hot and cold beverages along with expert commentary on the wild life of the area.

The Killer Whale Experience

The Orca’s or Killer Whales, as they are more commonly known, are extremely inquisitive by nature and will more often, than not, approach the Whale Watching Vessel to have a look at you! Bremer Canyon is the Killer Whales feeding ground and an area of socialising for the Whales and other species of marine life. You may even experience the wonder of seeing a newborn Killer Whale, calf, or a huge Sunfish!

Killer Whale expedition voyages provide an important opportunity to learn more about these southern ocean Apex Predators from the knowledgeable crew and visiting scientists. Each animal, Killer Whale, within a population is unique, and has characteristics and markings which distinguish it from other individuals. Orca’s have variations in the shape of their dorsal fin, their white eye patch, and the grey marking on their back (the saddle), these are as unique as a human fingerprint!

Killer whales spend their entire life in a family pod, and communicate with a complex language of sounds. The language of each pod is unique, so recording vocalisations also helps researchers learn more about the lives of this species.

The Bremer Canyon

The Bremer Canyon teems with life that is weird, wonderful and mostly unseen due to distance and depth. The expeditions collect information about this abundance of life, big and small, helping unlock the mysteries above and below the waves.

Pelagic seabird surveys, plankton surveys, shark research and collection of water quality data are conducted on these expeditions also.

Also, expect to see on your expedition pods of Long-finned Pilot Whales, Sperm Whales, a rare Beaked Whale and the largest animal to ever have lived, the Blue Whale. The Bremer Canyon is a place like no other on the planet and your experience like no other in your life.

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